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My Biggest Mistakes


My Biggest Travel Mistakes

I’m very, very near full term now, and one of the things I’m looking forward to after giving birth is traveling again. I pretty much stopped traveling once I reached my third trimester, and I’ve been an insufferable whiner about it. I have major cabin fever/wanderlust! I decided to reminisce the other day about some of my favorite holidays with Mr. Feather, and amongst all the great memories I was also reminded of some of the many mistakes I’ve made while traveling. Here I’d like to share some of mine….I’d love to hear yours!


Not reading the guidebook – especially under the part labeled “scams”. 

I know it’s super “newbie tourist” to buy guidebooks and actually refer to them in public while traveling…but hey, usually when I go somewhere new – it’s as a tourist! I actually love guidebooks and will usually purchase one before a new destination. They’re relatively cheap, and fun reading on a plane. That is…when I actually read them. The first (and only) time we ever went to Thailand, I brought a nice big fat Lonely Planet edition along. Which unfortunately, I never got around to reading. Which resulted in me not being aware of several massive scams to avoid that Thailand is infamous for.

I ended up falling victim to one of the biggest ones out there-  the infamous Gem Scam (curse my weakness for jewelry!). Luckily I didn’t end up buying anything, and Mr. Feather and I actually enjoyed our free Tuk Tuk ride around the city and our conversations with “strangers” about all the great jewelry deals out there. The level of organization and deception was actually quite impressive. But it could have gone a lot worse…and if we’d only taken the time to read basic warnings, we could have saved quite a few hours on one of our precious days in Bangkok! Continue Reading