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Interview with Anuschka Rees

This week’s interview is with Anuschka Rees, current Berlin resident and mind behind the fantastic site, Into Mind. I first found Anuschka sometime in the middle of last year, while I was looking for articles on wardrobe organization. I soon found myself sucked into her blog, Into Mind, and reading all of her articles on building streamlined wardrobes for every season.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Anushcka late last year, and am happy to finally be able to introduce her on the site. Enjoy meeting Anuschka!


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

My name is Anuschka Rees and I’m 24. I’m German, but have also lived in the UK on and off for a total of 7 years. My boyfriend and I just moved from London to Berlin. I spend most of my time doing one of three things: Writing my doctoral thesis in social psychology, working as a copywriter for a start up here in Berlin and running Into Mind.


When and how did you decide to start evolving and focusing your blog towards building a minimalist wardrobe? 

I am a psychologist at heart and once you get me started on the topic I will not shut up about self concepts, attachment styles and the evolutionary basis of romantic relationships. So, at the beginning I wrote a lot about psychology, but also posted DIY tutorials and other random stuff. Eventually, about 6-7 months ago, I decided to ‘do this thing right’ and develop a proper concept. Wardrobe building and personal style were the two topics that I felt I had the most original ideas to contribute to. There are so many great DIY blogs out there and even social psychology sources, but in the fashion blogosphere the ‘fast fashion’ blogs definitely outweigh the rest and only a few give actual, practical tips on how to define your own personal style and build a small, high-quality wardrobe.


How has your own personal, defined style evolved over time? What was it before, and what is it now?

When I was younger I was never even 20% satisfied with my clothes: I bought everything from H&M, lots of bargains that never looked right and had no consistent style. The core idea that started my whole personal style journey was having a uniform: I originally developed a uniform as a way to add some sort of structure to my wardrobe and to make sure that at least a small portion of my wardrobe is right and wearable. For about two years, when I was 20/21, my uniform consisted of long sleeve dresses, tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket. Right now, my uniform is still flat shoes (ankle boots or loafers, I’m not a fan of heels), slim-fitting trousers + a lightweight crew-neck knit sweater. My colour palette used to be very defined, I would mainly wear neutrals and softer, light shades, but recently I have expanded it a bit more (my current favourite item is a tomato red shirt). I like layer-less, simple looks, stripes, pure cotton fabrics, delicate jewellery and men’s wear inspired footwear.


Beauty and skincare favorites

Beauty and skincare favorites

What is your view on “fast fashion” in the wake of human rights incidents in Bangladesh and all over the world? I’m sure that most of us have items from Target, H&M, other “disposal fashion” culprits in our wardrobes. Do items from these shops have a place in our wardrobes, as long as we get good wear from them?

This is such a huge topic, and I’m glad that the ‘ethics of fashion’ have become a point of discussion on so many blogs. Ultimately, I think the only solution as a consumer is to buy less and focus on the most ethical and sustainable sources available and brands who are the most transparent about their process. It’s a tricky subject, because we don’t have perfect information and, especially on a student budget, it can be almost impossible to avoid cheaper lines. Hopefully, the increased awareness will put some pressure on the industry to increase transparency. Transparency and awareness are the key factors I think, because the majority of people (and brands) will not change their spending behaviour until it gets really difficult to ignore the damage they are doing.


What about luxury goods – what is your view on them, and their place in a minimalist wardrobe? Do you believe in spending larger sums on luxury items? Continue Reading


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