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Weekend Update

1. I’m starting to get requests to see some fall recommendations, including for field jackets. I love my Rag & Bone version and I wear it almost all year round (including right now in Australia, which is proving to be a colder climate than I thought). Unfortunately, I didn’t see a similar version from Rag & Bone this season (this was the closest version).

My friend recently picked up this Hinge field jacket and I loved it on her – the price I thought was also decent, at under $90.

This particular jacket comes in a variety of great neutral colors (navy, tan/khaki and black), which I always appreciate because not everybody likes green/khaki colors. It has a nice adjustable cinched waist, and is 100% cotton. Recommended for anybody looking for a transitional fall jacket for layering, and at a nice price to boot.

2. Anyone interested in the fashion industry and fans of Alexander McQueen’s work should read this piece via Vanity Fair – Designed for Destruction – detailing the rise and tragic fall of Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen, and the evolution of their relationship. I found the article itself somewhat disjointed (it’s adaptation from the author Maureen Callahan’s new book Champagne Supernovas), but there was a lot of interesting tidbits and stories inside. Warning that it’s somewhat of a depressing read, and should make any reader a little bit more jaded about the fashion industry.

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