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Weekend Update

1. Can I share with you all one of the most beautiful floaty maxi dresses I’ve seen lately?


I tried on this Melissa Odabash dress awhile ago but was unable to locate it online – because I was looking under “dress” and not “cover-up”! In my opinion it’s actually a great dress too – there’s a light layer underneath that makes sure you’re covered, and the material is very soft and feels high quality. Recommended.

By the way, the tote above is from Tory Burch and it was the first time I’ve ever seen it – though of course it appears to be sold out everywhere currently!

2. I found this article about luxury price hikes quite interesting, from CNBC. There’s a lot of interesting nuggets in there – like the fact that luxury houses have hiked prices faster in Europe than Asia, in order to reduce the huge price differences that can sometimes occur. For me personally I am sensitive to price hikes, and I’ve walked away from items in the past year that I wouldn’t have a few price hikes ago. It’s hard to buy when you know an item was 30% less just two years ago.

3. For anyone whose ever been to a Masala Dosa location, or is interested in Indian food…small business success stories…or true crime..I’d recommend this interesting article via the NYTimes, “Masala Dosa to Die For.” I’ve been to several locations with friends and have always enjoyed the meal…though I definitely didn’t know the controversial back story surrounding its founder. Continue Reading