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Some Sandal Reviews – Birkenstock and Blahnik

Today I thought I’d share some shoes I recently purchased, all three which I love. I did take modeling photos, but please have pity on my poor pregnancy cankles – to publish them would be to do the shoes an injustice, and my feet at this stage in my pregnancy are a memory I can do without.

Birkenstock Gizeh Soft Footbed in Copper. My love for the Gizeh style has been well documented (by myself) over the years, and I still haven’t found a better “multiple miles long walk” sandal. When I saw the soft rose gold color of these, I knew I had to order them – and I love that they have the soft footbed too! Why don’t more Gizehs come with these?

So far the white footbed has survived quite nicely, though I still have a beat up black pair that I use when going to dirtier destinations (like the farm with my son).

By the way, I should note that my husband is really, really not a fan of these. I usually try to consider his feelings but with these I just said – sorry!

Also, if out of stock, there are some on Zappos too, though inventory in general appears low. Continue Reading


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