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Spring 2015: Sale Update

Designer sale season is winding down, and apart from one pair of Jimmy Choos which seem to be taking the long scenic route across the country to arrive to me, I’ve pretty much received everything I ordered.

This spring I vowed to try to sit out most sales, since I really can’t tell how anything would fit on my body right now. However, a few items proved too tempting, and once I placed my first order, I thought – what the heck? – and continued along my merry way.

Unlike my Spring 2014 sale update, this time I didn’t wear any of the items myself to share with all of you. I am in the last month of my pregnancy, and a few days ago I saw myself gliding past in a store window and decided I really would like to avoid full length mirrors and photos below my neck for a while. Instead, I’m using my dress form to help out.

Now, on to my recap – starting with clothes!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Full

Item #1: Chanel Spring 2015 Pre-Collection jacket, 40% off. I first tried on a version of this jacket – same material but in a different cut, in the boutique. I loved the fabric since it was both soft and seemed very sturdy for a Chanel “tweed” – winner all around! However, the cut of the first jacket I tried just didn’t work for me. When the salesperson brought this version out, I was sold! It’s one of the most practical jackets I’ve seen in a while – no flashy buttons, easy to wear color and silhouette, and there’s even a zipper. Wow!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Details

This jacket came with a matching pencil skirt and I think the full outfit would be perfect for a workplace with a business dress code. Since that doesn’t describe my workplace, I just ordered the jacket. Continue Reading


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