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Review – Hermes Bag Inserts

Today I’m going to share some of my experiences with, and favorite inserts for Hermes bags. This is a post that some of you have been requesting, so I hope you find it helpful!

Hermes Inserts

I’m more of a “user and abuser” of bags than someone who treats them super gently, so for the longest time I didn’t think I’d ever use inserts. Now that I’m carrying around bottles of milk and sticky snack pouches though, I’ve realized that I might want to be more careful since the chances of an explosion are much higher now, and having to clean out the inside of my expensive bag at the end of a long day sounds like a genuine nightmare. I’ve tried out quite a few inserts, and these are some of my favorites.

Divide Conquer Insert

Divide & Conquer insert inside of Garden Party MM

Insert #1, from Divide and Conquer, ~$72. This insert is the first insert for an Hermes bag that I ever purchased, years ago – I got it for my Birkin 35 cm at the time. My favorite feature about these inserts are that they are stiff – they stand up straight, and don’t slouch even with years of use. The material is a sort of twill canvas, but there’s a reinforcement along the tops that keep them up. There’s quite a few pockets, as well as an optional bottle loop (so useful now with baby!).They also come with a wipe clean bottom – perfect so you don’t have to be worried about spills. I use this insert with my Garden Party now, and it fits perfectly – the ends are flexible too, so they fold in with the bag.

A few things to note – these inserts are more stiff, so you might want to be careful using them in certain bags like the Birkin/Kelly. I did find that when I used mine with my Birkin, the edges of the insert kind of made a “dent” in the leather, pushing against it. I immediately took it out when I saw that, and the bag was fine, but I think prolonged use could cause permanent stretching. Also, if you’re looking for a particular model to fit your bag, just scroll down to the right search bar which allows you to search in the store by the bag style and it should come up if it’s available. Connie, the store owner, also does custom inserts, but warning that she’s quite busy!

Pros: Stiff material that stays up, lots of options such as key fob and/or bottle holder if you want, lots of color options, reasonable price (under $100, many under $80).

Cons: The stiff edges may cause dents in some of your bags if the insert doesn’t fit precisely.

7 Rue Paradis Insert

Insert #2, from 7 Rue Paradis, ~$340. Based on pure product alone, I’d say that the inserts from 7RP are the gold standard – they’re light, made out of Alcantara (the same lining in a lot of Louis Vuitton bags), have quite a few useful pockets, and a lovely quilted bottom. The pockets are large enough to fit an iPhone 6+ and the insert is also stiff enough to hold up the contents without slouching, even when not placed in a bag. There’s a lovely plush quilted bottom. Continue Reading