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The Story of My Epi Lussac

After last Monday’s post on building a bag collection, I received some questions about my ideal “work bag” that I had pictured. I deliberately didn’t include brand names/styles in that post because I wanted to highlight the bag styles more than the names, but today I wanted to share with you the story behind my favorite work bag of many years: the Epi Lussac, by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Epi Lussac bag

I originally bought this bag during college to hold notebooks and everything I needed for classes – this was before the days of everybody using laptops/iPads! It fit everything like a wallet, a few large notebooks, portfolio, and so on. Like most bags from the Epi line, the Lussac wears like iron and still looks basically brand new today.

The inside has a zip pocket as well as an open pocket, and is lined in the alcantara material that LV uses.

Another feature of the bag I like is the fact that both sides zip down completely – there are two zippers which meet in the middle and you can also use them to zip down the sides so that the bag expands.

Even though the Lussac is very large, it’s also very sleek. I took this quick photo to show you all how it looks against a shortie like me. One problem with being petite is that large shoulder bags often look a little weird on me -but the Lussac doesn’t. Also, the straps hang easily from your shoulders and your arm can hang very comfortably over it. The straps look a bit wonky in this photo but that’s from being stored that way – they flatten out in a few hours of use and look perfect.

I used my Lussac throughout college, and then put it away and forgot about it a very long time. One reason why I wanted to write this post was because about a few years ago, I was obsessed with getting myself a work bag that I could use during the day and that would fit all my files. It’s embarrassing, but I was fixated on getting a work/interview bag that was specifically Chanel – I thought it would be so super duper cool and it would fit the loony image I had in my head as a sleek Chanel toting professional (perhaps due to excessive viewing of The Devil Wears Prada). So I searched long and hard for a bag that a) was black, b) was a durable leather), c) fit comfortable over my shoulder, d) didn’t look too bulky. I stalked all the latest Chanel catalogues that were coming out to see if there was something coming in the next season.

Of course, I never found the perfect offering from Chanel and after a while, realized that my lovely Lussac had been sitting in my closet all along. I felt a little ashamed of myself to be honest. The whole reason why I love beautiful luxury items is that they are supposed to last forever and stand the test of time – which my Lussac clearly had. Then why was I just chasing some other item, just to potentially waste money and add another item to my overflowing closet? And ever since then, I’ve been very happy with my Lussac as my favorite black interview/work bag.

Has this ever happened to you, or am I the only shallow one out there? Have you searched for the perfect bag/dress/shoe/etc out there – only to realize it’s been sitting in your closet all along?