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Lufthansa First Class and First Class Terminal

This is part one of my Barcelona trip – for parts two and three, please see below.

Barcelona – Lufthansa First Class and First Class Terminal
Barcelona – Mandarin Oriental, Gaudi and Mammoth Museum
Barcelona – The Food

Today I want to share the first segment of our trip to Barcelona – which actually doesn’t even take place in Barcelona! Instead, it will just cover my experience on Lufthansa First and their First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, which I was incredibly impressed with.

I’m not a plane or airline nut so I’ve never been super passionate about aviation. I just always try to get booked on an Asian airline whenever possible, and go with it. Mr. Feather however, has been super interested in planes since a young boy and from his time in the military, and as a fluent German speaker has always been a fan of Lufthansa. I finally got to experience their long haul product and I was so impressed that I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it, it’s such a slick, fantastic experience from a product and service standpoint. Bravo!

LH First

The Lufthansa first class cabin has a very spacious layout, in my experience it was very close to Asiana, with pretty large TV screens and a nice color scheme.

LH Seat

Mr. Feather and I were booked in the “couple’s seat” which was in the back of the cabin. I was very happy to be placed in this seat, when booked in these types of setups I always end up chattering and bothering my seat mate endlessly which in this case was my hapless husband. He was continually ordering me refills of Cuvée Louise, probably in an effort to put me to sleep! Continue Reading