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The Renaissance

Have any of you ever not shopped at a place for years and years…only to re-discover it down the line, and happily end up discovering a lot of new items?

This has happened to me a few times before. It happens every few seasons years or so with Chanel (which is about as often as I can afford to buy the clothes). It also happened with Saks…which I was refused to shop at for years due to weird service and strange policies, but which I really feel has gotten it together lately.

Recently, and on a slightly less expensive front, it’s happened with the chain store LOFT. I wandered in earlier in my pregnancy, because I had been told they had a dedicated maternity section and lots of coupon codes. I started out with one dress…and then found myself returning back for more. And even picking out a few more dresses, for after maternity. And eyeing some shorts, and beach wear as well. Continue Reading