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Weekend Update

Greetings from Tokyo and happy early Valentine’s Day! I’m a secret fan of this holiday (though I will never, ever go out to eat the day before or day of). However, did you know that in Japan, Valentine’s Day is exclusively a holiday for women to purchase chocolate for men? Mr. Feather is thrilled – he finally has his day of recognition!

1. I’m still in the throes of scoping out deals on fall/winter clothing, but have started checking out some options for the coming warmer weather. This Topshop white shirtdress caught my eye immediately! I am a shirtdress fan and frequent shopper and this is a really good one. The fabric is a natural cotton/linen mix, the length is just long enough to be able to belt without being obscene, and it even has unobtrusive pockets. A winner for sure.

2. For those who haven’t heard, Gap (the parent company) will be shutting Piperlime down, eventually. I liked Piperlime and always thought it had good buyers, though I did find it difficult to navigate the site sometimes.

3. I thought this article – The Russians Aren’t Coming To Fashion Week – was very interesting. Have you noticed any changes in the purchasing habits and/or demographics of luxury items in your area or on your travels? I personally have, and noticed a lot more breathing room in luxury boutiques last time I was in Paris (and it wasn’t just due to the low season). Continue Reading