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Small Ways To Improve Life

Sale PSA: A pretty pink cutout blouse from Trouve, now 40% off/under $42, velvet Prada ballerina flats, now just $217 (great deal!), a luxurious reversible shearling shift vest from Lafeyette 148, now 40% off, and a gorgeous and sharp double breasted blazer from Altuzarra, now 65% off. 

I recently read this NY Times article about 5 Cheap(ish) Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life and was inspired to list out some of my own goodies and habits that have improved my life. Some of these are things, some of these are habits…writing these out, I realized how helpful each of these have been and was greedy to learn more. So please share yours as well!

A small sampling of my pouch collection!

Clear storage boxes. I have a ton of these Sterlites, in a bunch of different sizes. Yes I believe in Marie Kondo but even after seeking joy in each of my rooms I still have a lot of stuff in storage. Clear boxes make stuff SO much easier to find, are overall neater, and its so much better for my mental health to have things sorted. Whenever I go to Target, I used to never leave without some cosmetics goodie…now I am proud to say, I usually leave with some kind of storage.

I put a large glass of water by my bed each night. I’m always super thirsty in the morning, and even when I’m not, I always find I’m happy to down an entire glass in the AM (thus bringing me closer to my eight glasses per day water goal). Even my husband, who isn’t really a water drinker, has adapted this habit. Continue Reading

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