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Interview with Larkie – Part Three

Today’s interview is with a woman who has appeared here a few times before – the very fabulous Larkie. Larkie was the subject of one of the very first interviews I ever did for the blog – and years later, I still get emails about her. These messages range from the very general: “Please bring Larkie back!” to the very,very specific: “Do you know what kinds of fabric Larkie likes most?“.

As a very big fan of Larkie myself, I was very excited about the opportunity to get to ask the Chanel master some more questions. Enjoy meeting (and re-meeting) the lovely Larkie!


I know it’s been covered in earlier posts but if you don’t mind me asking again – who are you? What do you do, and where do you live? 

I’m currently the Chief Operating Officer & Chief Legal Officer for a consulting/brokerage company I co-founded in the high tech sector. I was born in Saigon but grew up in Dallas. Went to law school in California and just couldn’t seem to get Los Angeles out of my system no matter how many tours I took around the globe, so LA has been my home base for some time now.

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona

You’re a travel lover and go all over the world. What are some of your favorite destinations to visit – and any favorite places to stay?

This is a tough one to answer! As much as I love the five-star treatment when I travel, after a while all the resorts seem to blur into each other. For instance, we stayed at a world class resort in Asia some years back but all I can recall from that trip was riding a horse bareback on the hotel’s private beach. And the reason I remember this at all was because I almost got thrown off the horse at one point, much to the horror of all the other guests sitting nearby. It was also memorable because I was wearing one of my favorite YSL tunics and I remember telling myself: well, at least if this horse is taking you down, you are wearing a fab top – let’s hope it doesn’t rip! Ha! The true offense in all this, though, was riding a horse without a riding helmet. I know helmets ruin the whole wind-in-the-hair-while-astride-a-stallion fashionista look but now I always tell everyone safety first, vanity second!

In Rome

In Rome

In hindsight, I would have to say my favorite destinations are places where I could go off-grid during the day (or night) – like camel trekking through the desert or elephant chasing in the bushes or jumping off something – and come back to a great room, preferably with a high-pressure shower, at night to recharge. My dream trip is yet to come though…I fantasize about taking a year off to follow nomadic tribes around the world, starting in Mongolia. If there’s a horse culture to be found, I’m all over it. But you know, my head always plans for trips like I’m still in my 20-year-old body or something. Continue Reading