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Interview with Elsa Kurniawan and Katiana Sukamto

Today’s interview is with not one, but two fabulous, beautiful and very accomplished women – Elsa Kurniawan and Katiana Sukamto, founders of the brand Katiana.

Elsa and Katiana were fascinating to speak with for several reasons. First, because they both are incredibly stylish themselves  – with a passion for quality and easy to use products that shines in their personal style. Second, because they both have first hand experience in starting a luxury goods company – everything from the sourcing to pricing to marketing – they’ve done it all. And finally, because they are both down to earth and intelligent, with the global experience of having lived all around the world. I really enjoyed speaking with them and learning more about both the ladies themselves personally and about Katiana, the brand they’ve worked hard to build. Enjoy meeting them (and read til the end for a special invite from the ladies)!

Beautiful Katiana (left) and Elsa (right)

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

Katiana: I am Katiana and as I describe myself on Instragram as a “crocodile trader and casino pawn in the Asian Southeast”. I am based out of Singapore where I work in the gaming industry while I run our company of crocodile goods with Elsa.

Elsa: I am Elsa Kurniawan, my focus is to monitor the manufacturing of our crocodile line. I too contribute my time helping my father run his business. I am based out of Jakarta and Singapore.

A display of Katiana brand goodies at their Singapore store

You recently started a luxury goods brand – Katiana. Can you share some of the background behind the brand? What prompted you two to start it?

Katiana: It was 2009 and I had just finished my post grad degree in New York. The world was suffering from an economic crisis and so I gave job hunting a break and went to visit my family in Singapore for the holidays. I ended up staying for four months! The 太太 (tai tai – Lady of Leisure) lifestyle gets old after a couple of months and after many lunch dates, Elsa and I decided we needed to do something with our time. (In all fairness she was waiting to open up her shop so she wasn’t bumming around like me!). Continue Reading