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Weekend Update

1. I first saw these Kate Spade pumps earlier this week as I was trawling the web for my sale PSA feature, and haven’t been able to get them out of my head since.


Along with the original white version I linked, I’ve been obsessing over the tan, and of course, black. I wear my classic black Louboutin Simples and Decolletes all year round and am always looking for new variations on this classic.

Update: a lovely reader, Lesley, commented that Kate Spade is currently having a 25% off sale on all full priced merchandise, with code S14FFUS. The Lanas I linked above qualify on their site  (I personally am having Nordstrom price match mine as I prefer their return policy, to price match just give Nordstrom the code after you place the order with the Kate Spade site link). 

2. Back in January, I linked an article referencing an HBR study delving into social signaling through non-conformity – aka, if you show up to a Chanel boutique in sweatpants and flip flops, it must be that you are so secure in your social status that you can wear whatever you like while your billions sit neatly in little piles at the bank. Unfortunately, the conclusion did seem to be that to do this, you actually needed billions. Anyway.

Well, an enterprising journalist decided to go out and see if she could ensure good service for herself at some of our favorite luxury boutiques through the very same social signaling, and I thought the results were interesting (and sometimes funny). Enjoy! Continue Reading

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