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Spring 2015: Sale Update

Designer sale season is winding down, and apart from one pair of Jimmy Choos which seem to be taking the long scenic route across the country to arrive to me, I’ve pretty much received everything I ordered.

This spring I vowed to try to sit out most sales, since I really can’t tell how anything would fit on my body right now. However, a few items proved too tempting, and once I placed my first order, I thought – what the heck? – and continued along my merry way.

Unlike my Spring 2014 sale update, this time I didn’t wear any of the items myself to share with all of you. I am in the last month of my pregnancy, and a few days ago I saw myself gliding past in a store window and decided I really would like to avoid full length mirrors and photos below my neck for a while. Instead, I’m using my dress form to help out.

Now, on to my recap – starting with clothes!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Full

Item #1: Chanel Spring 2015 Pre-Collection jacket, 40% off. I first tried on a version of this jacket – same material but in a different cut, in the boutique. I loved the fabric since it was both soft and seemed very sturdy for a Chanel “tweed” – winner all around! However, the cut of the first jacket I tried just didn’t work for me. When the salesperson brought this version out, I was sold! It’s one of the most practical jackets I’ve seen in a while – no flashy buttons, easy to wear color and silhouette, and there’s even a zipper. Wow!

Chanel Beige 15P Jacket Details

This jacket came with a matching pencil skirt and I think the full outfit would be perfect for a workplace with a business dress code. Since that doesn’t describe my workplace, I just ordered the jacket. Continue Reading


Wish List: Holiday 2014

Jimmy Choo Dart

Jimmy Choo, $1195

1. Jimmy Choo heeled biker boots. I love these so much! I have the flat version of these boots and they have been one of my favorite shoe purchases, ever. I’m freezing my butt off on the East Coast right now and am so sad I didn’t pack them These have the same attributes – beautiful and practical, but also with the added heel. And plus, the heel helps with the height challenged like yours truly.

2. Proenza Schouler haircalf clutches. I first saw the black/white leopard version on the right, and then saw the tan/brown version on the left. I actually would be equally happy with either one. I always think animal prints look best on calf hair, but have historically shied away from them because I’m not that gentle on my items and was afraid of the hairs wearing off. On a small clutch however, I’m less concerned about rubbing/balding on the hair calf since I’ll be largely hand carrying. Gorgeous! Continue Reading


Grouchy Morning Items

As the weather has been getting dramatically colder and as I’ve been having more early morning meetings scheduled, I’ve found myself waking up occasionally in a….very grouchy state. On these days, there’s no way that you’ll find me in a complicated dress, or high heeled patent leather shoes. Instead, I always reach for a few comfortable and cozy mainstays, that always make me feel better when I’m up and about early on a cold, very long day. Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “grouchy morning items” to wear, from top to toe!

1. T-shirts and sweaters: The most important item! I hate feeling uncomfortable in a restricting shirt or itchy sweater, especially over a long work day. On grouchy mornings, I always put on a t-shirt (my current favorites are from Splendid), and them top it off with either my Helmut sweatshirt (reviewed here), or one of my slouchy J.Crew cashmere boyfriend sweaters. Super easy.

Helmut Lang sweatshirt (via this post)

2. Scarves: I always will wear a scarf on a grouchy morning, it’s something warm and snuggly to dig your neck into and escape in when you’re in a 7:30 AM meeting that seems like it may never end. I like to grab a big shawl in the morning right before heading out the door, but even if I forget, I keep a black version of my favorite Nordstrom’s shawl at my desk. They’re under $90, great quality and have a ton of colors.

Hermes Nordstrom Shawl

Hermes cashmere/silk shawl (left), Nordstrom cashmere shawl (right)

3. Pants: I have three identical black pairs now, of these Ann Taylor knit pants. I’m not even a big Ann Taylor fan – these are one of the only items from the brand in my closet – but these pants rock. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and my #1 choice to be comfortable and warm on a gloomy morning. You can see the pants worn, here.

4. Boots: Jimmy Choo biker boots. I’ve written about these boots a few times on this blog, and that’s because I love them! I’ve had this pair for a solid three years and they’re still going strong (I actually was just wearing them a few hours ago, tromping around a very cold Paris). The quality is fantastic and I feel like Daria in them. They’re my favorite thing to pull on, on a cold dreary morning. My boots are lined in rabbit fur so they feel just like Uggs – you can find this version at Saks.

What are your grouchy morning go to items? I would love to hear them!

Also – wishing everybody a wonderful holiday week! Thank you so much for reading my little site, I am truly, truly grateful.

I’ll still be updating periodically, but I know that many of you will be off and traveling/celebrating if you haven’t begun already. Best wishes for a wonderful remainder of 2013!



White Sandals

During my college freshman year summer, I checked out a bunch of fashion books from the library, most containing lots advice about what to wear and what not to wear. I’ve always remembered reading one particularly crochety writer’s insistence that there was one type of shoe that should never, ever be worn (save for your wedding day) – the white shoe.

That advice stuck with me for years, and because I prefer to be a mindless sheep about these things, I prodigiously avoided white shoes or sandals of any kind. That is until I picked up this little pair on a sale whim – come on, don’t they look so comfortable?

Jimmy Choo Porto

Jimmy Choo sandal (resort version here)
A great pair from Kate Spade

And of course they are…so, so comfortable and easy to wear! I’ve worn these white sandals more than I thought I would. So far, I’ve found that they go great with white dresses in the summer, long maxi prints, and shorts with a light linen shirt. I like them so much that now I’m considering them in another color.  A nude or light pink pair would be perfect to wear to the multiple outdoor weddings we’re going to where stiletto heels are not advised.

My good friend Jess told me the other day that white sandals and pumps are all good and great, but you have to make sure they’re quality materials, as anything else easily can place them in the “cheesy” realm. What are your rules for white shoes and sandals, and do you have a pair in your closet?