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Everyday Jewelry

I love jewelry – and every day I feel a little “off” unless I have some on. That being said, I haven’t worn a lot of my favorite pieces since baby came along. My Alhambra necklace, for example, is taking an extended vacation ever since realized there had been dried peas on the delicate mother of pearl for goodness knows how long (luckily they scraped off). The tassels on my Mars necklaces are a source of constant fascination for baby Feather – but sometimes too tempting as a good “yank!” target. And forget about any rings with raised designs, as they can so easily scratch a baby’s skin.

To that end, I thought I’d share some of my every day jewelry pieces – the more simple pieces that you can usually find me in if I’m just at home, that I can leave on when doing the dishes or just generally running around!

Jen Meyer Good Luck

Jennifer Meyer “Good Luck” necklace: This was my mom’s Christmas gift to me, and I love it! I’d been wanting a longer gold pendant necklace for some time, and this one, at 20 inches, is the perfect length. It sits well with my v-neck shirts and blouses, but is also long enough to hang nicely over crewnecks. It’s actually sitting a bit higher than normal in this picture – it hangs about an inch lower after it gets “settled”. I really like the delicate ball chain, and the charm itself is made up of all sorts of different symbols for good luck. It seems quite sturdy too – baby has given it a few strong tugs, and so far so good!

It’s also available in rose gold (so gorgeous), at Barneys.


Monica Vinader “Baja” bracelet: I love Monica Vinader’s friendship bracelets, and have a few of her classic “Fiji” style (my first ever was a gift from a dear friend). The textile component tends to be less water friendly though, which is why the Baja model is great, as its all metal and stone. This model with green agate always adds a bit of color, and plus it pairs well with my jade bangle (coming up below). Continue Reading


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