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The Break-Up: The Wardrobe

 Today’s post is part of my wardrobe recap series. The movie featured was a request from several readers, The Break-Up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I had seen this movie when it first came out, and once readers mentioned it, I remembered that I had loved Jennifer’s wardrobe in the film.


I found Jennifer’s style in this movie quite similar to her style in real life – simple, lots of neutrals, impeccably tailored. Let’s start, shall we?

The first time we see Jennifer, in a casual brown polo. I love polo collared shirts – I think they are so flattering and this was a reminder to wear them more.

The Break Up 1

At work in a perfectly fitted black shirt. I know we hear lots about the classic white shirt, but black in my books is just as good. My favorite version is from Theory.

The Break Up 2

That evening, in a little black dress. The way Jennifer’s dress is cut and the way its fabric moves, you know this dress is expensive. If you were to splurge for something similar, I’d recommend this simple but stunning number from Calvin Klein. At a better price point I love this Nicole Miller dress and think it looks more expensive than it is (much more Roland/Narciso).

The Break Up 3

A close up on Jennifer’s accessories. She wears a simple Cartier watch and a yellow gold band throughout.

The Break Up 4

The next morning – another little black dress, but this one more work appropriate. You can also see her Jennifer Meyer leaf earrings here. The bag is a Chanel Cerf tote.

The Break Up 5

My favorite look-a-like to this dress is this fantastic and very versatile Vince one.

The Break Up 6

One of my favorite looks from the movie when I first saw it. I just thought it was the perfect look for the workplace. Here’s Jennifer’s second Chanel Cerf tote by the way – this time in white.

The Break Up 8

You can find a similar cardigan here (lots of colors, great reviews, under $50), and the best blouse to go under? The classic white silk version from Equipment.

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