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Weekend Update

1. Do you ever come across items that just stop you in your tracks? That recently happened to me when I saw this leopard pouch with gold chain, by Sophie Hulme.


I’ve been looking for the perfect little leopard bag for what seems like the longest time. To me, this design is almost perfect. The print certainly is – I’m picky about the kind of “leopard” prints I like, and I love this one, it’s very reminiscent of the ones that Dolce & Gabbana or Valentino use. That being said I’m not 100% satisfied with the leather print on leather – I wonder how it’ll work in real life (and I’ll be ordering one to find out). I would have preferred calf hair for a leopard print (those looking for a solid color are lucky, as the black version in a natural grained leather is beautiful) . But for the price and the looks, it’s pretty close to perfection!

2. Recently I was doing research on label standards for an entirely non-fashion related project at work, and came across this interesting article from a few years back in the NY Times, about how “Made in Italy” can still mean, for a large part, “Made in China”. Four years later, still very relevant and a fascinating read for those interested in clothing/luxury. Continue Reading