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Interview with Imogen Rose

Today’s interview is with the multi talented and very stylish Imogen Rose. Imogen is a fascinating woman – born in Sweden, she then moved to London and received her PhD from Imperial College in Immunology, and then moved on, to New Jersey. Now, she is the very successful author of young adult series,  The Portal Chronicles. Imogen is gorgeous, has a fabulous sense of style and a sharp wit to boot. I was very happy to have the opportunity to ask her some questions about herself, her style and her work – enjoy meeting Imogen!


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

Who am I? Good question. I sometimes wonder that myself. Honestly, I don’t know. To others, I am a mother, a lover, a friend, a scientist, and an author. I spend most of my time being a slave to my tween daughter. The rest of my time is divided into running my publishing business and having fun. I live in an imaginary world most of the time, but if you need to find me, I’ll be in New Jersey.


Imogen’s daughter Lauren (with Talullah the dog!)

You started writing after your eight year old daughter at the time, encouraged you to. Can you share a little more about how you got the confidence to start – and continue with your first series, The Portal Chronicles?

Writing was not something I ever enjoyed doing. I hated the writing bit of my thesis. What excites me is the freedom of being able to use my imagination. I’ve always had a bazillion characters and stories living in my mind, and the little push from Lauren (her daughter)  was all I needed to allow them to start living. That’s what writing is to me now— breathing life into the characters hidden inside me. It’s a prolonged dream that I can share with others.

via Jeanbooknerd

As an author, how do you feel about the state of publishing since Amazon self publishing, etc? Is it easier now to get published (and make money from it) than ever before? What would be your advice for a new author just starting out?

Amazon (followed by Barnes & Noble, Apple, and KOBO) gives writers a portal through which they can share their stories directly with their readers. The trick is to find those readers, and that’s where traditional publishing houses have always had an upper hand, and still do. So although it’s easier to get published, getting noticed is becoming more and more difficult. My advice to new authors is to first of all have a great product. Have it well edited and presented. Then build an audience through whatever means you can.


You are gorgeous. Can you share a little more about your style and perhaps your beauty routine?

Thank you! I inherited my basic style from my mother. She was partial to classic Parisian style. I tend to acquire basic classic pieces, and I very rarely follow seasonal style. My beauty routine is also very basic. I always wear sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer/base. My nighttime routine… scrub (Clinique) followed by Oil of Olay night cream six times a week. Continue Reading