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I Am Love: The Wardrobe

Today’s post is the third in my wardrobe recap series, highlighting a movie that I hadn’t seen until readers recommended it – the Italian film I Am Love, starring Tilda Swinton.

It was a pleasure to watch this movie for the first time, all while trying to capture Tilda’s fantastic outfits throughout. I tried to get the best photos possible, and also have supplemented with official screenshots from the movie when applicable (those are of course super clear!). I’ve also included a few “similar” wardrobe suggestions that are currently available, throughout. I hope you enjoy!


One of the first shots we see of Tilda, at home and prepping for a dinner party in a camel polo collar sweater.

i am love 1

Next, Tilda walking into dinner in a dark red/plum colored dress.

i am love 2

Notice the Birkin, shown left casually on a table.

i am love 3

One more shot of her dress, and also her awesome chunky gold bracelet.

i am love 4

Note in promotional photographs, Tilda’s dress is shown as a much more vibrant purple. I included the photo so you can see the details better. Either way, you can find a nice version of Tilda’ dress, under $250, here.


Now, onto the next outfit (and the one you see in the movie poster). One of my favorite looks on Tilda – light colored sunglasses, a sharply cut coat and a long strand of what look like mixed Tahitian/South Sea pearls. Continue Reading