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Herschel Market Tote – Review

I’ve been slowly lugging more and more things to work, and thus over the last few months, have been looking to add a sturdy, low key tote to my bag rotation. My go to “big work bag” has historically been my 35 Birkin, but adding a laptop, Kindle, chargers, bottles of water, and more to the already palpable heft of a Birkin is my right arm’s definition of torture after carrying it around for ten minutes…and it isn’t that good for the bag, either.

Enter this great tote, which I bought a while ago and have already been utilizing for work and travel. It’s from Herschel – a brand that I was only vaguely familiar via the hipster video assistant in the office. I’m very pleased with the quality, and the best part is the price – $60!

The size of the tote is great – holds a TON and the dual shoulder straps are really comfortable. I’ve been going to Trader Joe’s frequently after work to pick up a few groceries on the way home, and I just dump them in without worry.

Herschel Worn

There are a few very useful pockets inside ,as well as a zip pocket out front- a much appreciated detail. I love my Longchamp “Le Pliage” and understand that its minimalism allows it  to be folded super flat, but I’ve often wished for a zip or cell phone pocket inside.

Herschel Tote inside

And most importantly, especially for work and travel – the length and width are enough to comfortably hold my 13” Macbook Pro or Air inside with room to spare for a wallet, phone, water bottle, and more. The bottom is padded so there is some protection.

Herschel Tote Laptop

Overall, I love my new Herschel tote and have been using it as a work beater carry all, as well as my carry-on “handbag” for travel (into which I stuff all kinds of other goodies, including another handbag). Light, easy to use and super under the radar, unlike le Birkin. If you’re looking for a casual canvas tote for work and/or traveling purposes, I’d highly recommend trying out one of these – they come in a bunch of fun colors and the price is very right, at an even $60.

Do you have a casual “beat around” tote that you use when lugging the kitchen sink around, or do you just use your regular bags?