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Recent Purchases

Today I’m some recent accessory purchases that I’m very happy with…please let me know your thoughts and any favorite recent purchases of yours lately!

Hermes Lydie clutch. The favorite of my favorites, by far! This clutch was a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband…what a sweetie pie, it was a completely surprise, he knows exactly what I want without me having to say anything at all. Just kidding – I sent him the eBay link way in advance with precise instructions. I love vintage Hermes, especially in box leather, and had been looking for the perfect Lydie for years. I love how the shoulder strap can be removed (super easily) to turn it from a shoulder bag into a clutch, and the size actually fits a ton – my giant iPhone, a lipstick, keys, cash and cards, and even a full sized greeting card that I took to a wedding this weekend. I wish they still made this model, though it can be found for nice prices on the vintage market.

Here’s a picture of Victoria Beckham with hers (if you can’t tell, this was the era when she was beginning her transition into the new, improved VB who wears flats and harem pants). I actually quite like this outfit though I would swap out the platform shoes.

Do you have any vintage Hermes bags/styles? Please share! Continue Reading