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The Paris Shopping Guide: Hermes

I receive a lot of emails about shopping for various luxury items in Europe, so thought I’d finally get it together and put together a few posts. Today, I’ll address the most commonly asked about topic – shopping for Hermes items in Paris.

Even when the euro was at a high point against the dollar in 2011, it was still cheaper to purchase many luxury brands in Paris. Now, the weak euro in combination with a broader range of inventory available to “walk ins” means that Hermes remains as popular a destination for shoppers as ever.

Even though Hermes is one of the premier luxury brands in the world, the flagship store on Rue St. Honore Faubourg (FSH) as consistently mobbed, and can be a stressful experience for someone expecting a quieter shopping outing.  Here, in order, are my tips for a visitor to Paris who would like a successful visit to the store (whether success just means having fun, or leaving with a coveted item).


Hermes FSH, via this post

First, I’d suggest that you:

1. Enjoy the art of browsing and shopping. The Hermes flagship store is such a beautiful space, with multiple levels and areas to browse through jewelry, leather accessories, home goods, silks, and more. There are always pieces there which I’ve never found in my local store. My favorite shopping memories in Paris always involve stumbling across an item that I never expected but which I just love (my Soie Cool bag is an example). Even if you’re on a quest for a specific item, I’d still take the time on an initial visit just to wander around the shop a bit, and check out all of the goodies. If you love design, you can’t help but be inspired. And plus, you’ll never know what will strike you, and then you’ll have such a good story for friends who ask about the item – “I got it in Paris!”.

Okay, that’s all fair and good…but maybe you’re visiting Hermes for a specific reason, no? Maybe it’s for a popular style bag…and it begins with a B or K? In that case, I would advise you to: Continue Reading