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Reader Question: Cross-Body Bags

Recently I’ve received a few questions about cross-body bags – here’s a sampling:

Via Jackie: I was wondering if you could recommend cross-body bags? I want to invest in one (maybe up to $2000 USD) that will go with everything, casual to dressed up, and also will last a while – like something I could use for at least a decade and then eventually pass down to a daughter or a niece.

Via Petti: Just wondering if you can recommend a crossbody bag? Can’t be too small as I have a small kid so more things to throw in. Let’s say budget is not the main concern..Just try to look for a stylish yet practical crossbody bag and it seems hard to find…

via Purseblog

via Purseblog

I love cross-body bags myself (except when I have to keep getting in and out of cars). Otherwise, they are one of my favorite styles – hands free and so easy to wear. In my opinion there are a few must have attributes in a cross-body. They should have a comfortable strap, be able to hold at least sunglasses, wallet and keys, and not be too wide (a fat, structured bag + wearing it hip level = difficult navigation, in my books).

To that end, here are some of my favorite cross-body bags, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and price points!

1. The Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir


I’ve probably mentioned this bag 10X times on the blog now. I love this bag from Longchamp. I think it’s a fabulous cross-body option, comes in an array of colors of sizes, is from a brand known from good sturdy quality, and would work for a variety of occasions (work, travel, dinner and drinks). The strap is also removable! Here are some photos showing the different sizes.

cuir longchamp

Liu Wen

Prices range from $480 to $630.

Small size (in a variety of colors): $480

Medium size in red,  tan,  indigo : $555

Large size (in a variety of colors): $630.

2. Chloe Marcie

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