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The Neglected Child

I’d like to apologize for the title of this post in advance. I couldn’t think of a better alternative. Did some of you think this would be a long rambling diatribe into my childhood?

I’ve been doing my usual end of year closet clean out, and I came across a bag I haven’t used for awhile – this black Bolide.


For some reason, whenever I’ve opened my closet this year, this poor guy has just been looking at me, quite forlorn. For some reason I just haven’t reached for it…I guess I don’t find it fun anymore, something that really excites me or that brings joy (do I hear Marie Kondo calling)? It just felt like such a chore to use it….something purely emotional, I just didn’t want to! I guess it just seemed too big and dark and stiff and serious. So I had all but made up my mind to go ahead and send it into one of the consignment shops, and had taken it out to package it up, when I decided to give it once last go. Continue Reading


The Hermes Bolide – Size Comparison, 31 and 35

Since I added an Hermes Bolide bag to my closet a few years ago, I’ve become convinced that it’s one of the best and truly  classic bags that the brand has ever produced. It’s incredibly versatile, beautiful (though I…


The Hermes Bolide

Cheers from Kyoto! Today, I wanted decided to share with you one of the bags I brought on our trip to Japan – the Hermes Bolide. The Bolide has a long history but I’ll give you the short one-…

Europe Interview

Interview with Catherine

Today’s interview is with the beautiful Catherine from the blog, Aesthetic Alterations. Catherine’s blog has been a favorite of mine for some time because she combines lovely writing with absolutely beautiful photography. Catherine has a very well edited, thought…