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Hermes 32cm Kelly


The Hermes Kelly Bag

Last week my husband was in Paris and was kind enough to stop by the Hermes flagship store at 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré (aka FSH, aka heaven) and bring home a little lovely waiting for me. I am so jealous that he got to go; even though FSH can be very crowded I still think everybody visiting Paris for the first time should make a stop by this shop, it’s dreamy! You can read about my last visit there, here.Now I am very happy to share with you all one of my hands down favorite purchases so far this year – my new Hermes Kelly bag.

The Hermes ribbon for 2012 – my first one is from 2006! I wish I had been organized enough to keep all the years together.

Some of the bag accessories – actually I just realized that I am missing the strap in this picture, which is one of the most important parts of the Kelly (hands free carrying!). No worries as I will show you it in the future. To the left is the Hermes Rain Protection Kit which comes with a lot of Hermes bags. To be honest they are kind of a big pain to put on – I only seem to see them used out and about when in Japan.

And finally, my bag. A 32cm Kelly in a new color called Vert de Gris, a medium gray with hints of green. The color is very difficult to photograph and the last detailed photo is the truest to life. I was a little nervous about the color because I had only seen small swatches prior but I really love it, it’s very military. I have a special fondness for neutral tones (though I think I might add a bright one next!) and adore the tone on tone stitching, especially since my other Hermes bags are contrast stitching. The size is also great – not too big and overpowering on me, and fits a little more than a Chanel Jumbo.

However if you are a petite who is more sensitive to size and wants a smaller bag, I would suggest a 28cm – also an easier size to transition from day to night!I am very excited about this bag because I had wanted a Kelly for ages, but dithered on what size and color to get, whether it could be casual enough for my lifestyle, and blah blah blah. In the past few years I have collected a few of my favorite Hermes Kelly photographs, which definitely helped to convince me that a Kelly would have a loved place in my wardrobe – inspiration below:

via Garance Dore

via Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange

Kate Moss

via Purseblog – Garance Dore, also wearing a Mr. & Mrs. Furs parka!


via Stockholm Street Style

Renee Zellweger

What do you all think of the Kelly bag? Can you see it fitting into your lifestyle? And thank you for reading along!