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Interview with Marianne

This week’s interview is with my friend, the fabulous Marianne. I’ve known Marianne for years now, and she has been my go to person for bothering about any question regarding Hermes (you’ll soon see why).  She has both given me reason not to, and reason to, indulge in quite a few purchases! Marianne has a fascinating background in haute couture, a true sense of luxury, and some wonderful advice. I’m very happy to share some of Marianne with you here today.

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

Hello, I’m Marianne. I am French.

I was born and grew up in Nice, in the South of France. In every aspect of my life, I feel a deep connection to the South. Its about the light, the air, the weather, of course the colors, the energy.


Here is a photo, shot by a friend of mine from Chateau Hill in Nice. It delivers all I which I am eager about: the light, colors, energy!

I am now in my mid 50’s, although I feel like everyday is a new start. I am a mother of two. Both my children are in their early 20’s. I love my them from the bottom of my heart. It’s been such a wonderful journey to see and support them grow up. I am so grateful I was lucky enough to get to meet them as human beings, not just as my kids. It’s a true blessing.

Now, I live in Switzerland. The land of chocolate, private banking, luxury watches, lakes, and beautiful mountains. Luxury hotels, and luxury everything. A country that has built a strong reputation of discretion, reliability, and excellence in details. A country that has built pride of its preservation of nature, and its slow and safe luxury way of life. From slow to boring, sometimes the edge becomes very thin to me, the southern soul.


Here is a typical view of Lugano Lake, where I live, shot from the terrace of  a favorite coffee/drinks spot of mine, the Villa Principe Leopoldo. Fortunately, Milan is around the corner, I can be there in only one hour drive, and meet with friends , do shopping and have fine dining.  Going to Milan is like taking  a refill of energy. Continue Reading


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