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Weekend Update

1. I haven’t had time to take photos of this on yet, but before it gets too warm I wanted to share my favorite new little black jacket, via Helmut Lang, that I purchased as a comfortable but still dressy alternative to the classic black blazer for work.

I love my Helmut Lang “Villous” sweatshirt that I’ve now had for close to two years, but a sweatshirt is a sweatshirt, and the material is undeniably in the hoodie family.

I didn’t expect this Helmut Lang “Sonar” blazer to be almost as comfortable – but it is! The fabric is a super soft wool, very cozy – yet the jacket is still fully lined, with functioning buttons at the wrists. It’s dressy enough to take formal meetings in, and you can drape it multiple ways.

I adore this blazer and it’s one of those really comfortable, easy pieces that you can wear to work and also throw on over a dress. One of my favorite Helmut Lang purchases to date.

2. Last week I shared a very long Vanity Fair article about the Murdoch/Deng scandal, and this week I’m back with yet another Vanity Fair gossipy and long read – this time about the Sergey Brin/Google Glass affair mess. An interesting read on several levels (romance! our mortality!) and one that’s set in my own backyard… though the most exciting scandal going on in my life right now is a defection from my former favorite beef noodle soup house after a change of chefs. Continue Reading


Grouchy Morning Items

As the weather has been getting dramatically colder and as I’ve been having more early morning meetings scheduled, I’ve found myself waking up occasionally in a….very grouchy state. On these days, there’s no way that you’ll find me in a complicated dress, or high heeled patent leather shoes. Instead, I always reach for a few comfortable and cozy mainstays, that always make me feel better when I’m up and about early on a cold, very long day. Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “grouchy morning items” to wear, from top to toe!

1. T-shirts and sweaters: The most important item! I hate feeling uncomfortable in a restricting shirt or itchy sweater, especially over a long work day. On grouchy mornings, I always put on a t-shirt (my current favorites are from Splendid), and them top it off with either my Helmut sweatshirt (reviewed here), or one of my slouchy J.Crew cashmere boyfriend sweaters. Super easy.

Helmut Lang sweatshirt (via this post)

2. Scarves: I always will wear a scarf on a grouchy morning, it’s something warm and snuggly to dig your neck into and escape in when you’re in a 7:30 AM meeting that seems like it may never end. I like to grab a big shawl in the morning right before heading out the door, but even if I forget, I keep a black version of my favorite Nordstrom’s shawl at my desk. They’re under $90, great quality and have a ton of colors.

Hermes Nordstrom Shawl

Hermes cashmere/silk shawl (left), Nordstrom cashmere shawl (right)

3. Pants: I have three identical black pairs now, of these Ann Taylor knit pants. I’m not even a big Ann Taylor fan – these are one of the only items from the brand in my closet – but these pants rock. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and my #1 choice to be comfortable and warm on a gloomy morning. You can see the pants worn, here.

4. Boots: Jimmy Choo biker boots. I’ve written about these boots a few times on this blog, and that’s because I love them! I’ve had this pair for a solid three years and they’re still going strong (I actually was just wearing them a few hours ago, tromping around a very cold Paris). The quality is fantastic and I feel like Daria in them. They’re my favorite thing to pull on, on a cold dreary morning. My boots are lined in rabbit fur so they feel just like Uggs – you can find this version at Saks.

What are your grouchy morning go to items? I would love to hear them!

Also – wishing everybody a wonderful holiday week! Thank you so much for reading my little site, I am truly, truly grateful.

I’ll still be updating periodically, but I know that many of you will be off and traveling/celebrating if you haven’t begun already. Best wishes for a wonderful remainder of 2013!



Helmut Lang Sonar Cardigan – Review

Today I wanted to share a quick review on a really nice Helmut Lang cardigan I recently came across. I’ve been on the hunt for a great black cashmere boyfriend cardigan, and though this number didn’t quite fit that particular  bill, I was enamored enough in person to bring it home anyway. I’ve had great experiences with my few items from Helmut Lang (reviews here), and found this cardigan to be quite a versatile piece as well! First, here it is, in gray, on a lovely model.

And then, as things sadly never look the same on me as they do on models, the cardigan on yours truly.

As you can see below, the cardigan drapes very nicely, and is longer in the front than back. This is probably how I would wear it most – open and draped over a tank/tee. On the left, if you look closely near my elbow, you can see a metal hook – that’s to clasp the cardigan across the neck (which you’ll see further down).

Helmut Lang Sonar Cardigan 1

The cardigan comes with a soft adjustable leather belt – I think goat skin. It ties very easily in front or in a knot in the back when wearing the cardigan open.

Helmut Lang belt

And a few other ways to wear the sweater. As I mentioned earlier, this particular cardigan actually comes with a little “hook” at the neck so you can pin it up as I’ve done on the left – I thought this was a very cool look. It was my husband’s favorite way to wear it, though he also said it looked like a Jedi tunic (I’m not a major Star Wars watcher….) when I wore this! I also like the open belted look on the right – really helps to pull an outfit “together”, especially if you’re just wearing plain, simple clothing as I tend to do.

Helmut Lang Sonar Cardigan 2

Overall, I would recommend this Helmut Lang cardigan, especially if you’re looking for an every day black cardigan with a bit of “special”. I thought it was super versatile, easy to wear, and a lovely comfortable fabric (wool, with some stretch). One caveat I’d mention is that the sleeves are quite tight and long – very similar to other Helmut Lang pieces and also reminiscent of the sizing of Rick Owens items I’ve tried. I liked the look with sleeves folded and/or pushed up, but just something to keep in mind!

You can find this lovely cardigan at Nordstrom, and in gray at Shopbop!


Statement Necklaces

I have always admired costume jewelry but rarely purchase it. I honestly don’t have a great “eye” for finding fabulous costume items, and the pieces I’ve liked in the past have all been fairly expensive (Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, etc) to the point where I would rather skip a few and buy a “fine” jewelry item. It’s a shame because there are certain statement necklaces which I love and could never afford to buy the “real” version of, and I would really like to have more versatile accessories.

So when I saw my friend Frances with a gorgeous necklace from J.Crew, I decided to take the plunge. The price wasn’t too scary and when it arrived I found that I loved it. Thank you Frances for the inspiration!

Helmut Lang jacket (more sizes here)
James Perse tee
J.Crew necklace

One thing that I’ve noticed with these larger necklaces though – they weigh on my neck! It’s not painful but I definitely feel their presence. I know that there are many ladies who wear necklaces much larger and heavier than this one regularly, so perhaps I just have a weaker (ahem..wimpier) neck. What have been your experiences with larger, heavier necklaces?