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Helen Gurley Brown

I remember the very first time I ever heard of Helen Gurley Brown. I was with my mom at Smithbooks (remember them?) and we were both looking through the bargain bin for books to rescue. I think I ended up buying some Babysitter’s Club volumes and my mom brought back a few books of her own – one of which was The Late Show, by Helen Gurley Brown. I had no interest in the book at the time because it was a self proclaimed “….survival plan for women over 50.” My 13 year old self said, no thank you!

A few years later, I was bored at home and looking for something to read, and so I picked up The Late Show. I started reading it..and I got hooked. Who was this amazing woman? Helen Gurley Brown – who grew up in modest circumstances, and worked as a secretary and assistant for decades before working her way up to being Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan for 32 years. The woman who created the idea of the “Cosmo Girl,” and so much more. Controversial, and with a habit of saying whatever was on her mind – Helen Gurley Brown will always be one of my favorite women ever.

Over the years I added another book of Brown’s, I’m Wild Again, to my little Brown collection. For some reason I never bought Sex and the Single Girl – the title she was most famous for. Continue Reading