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The Hermes Constance Bag

Sale PSA; A gorgeous leather trimmed shearling coat from Maje (I love this and it’s now on my winter wish list), for 25% off, a pretty romper I’ve recommended before from Alice & Olivia, now under $100, sleek bootcut jeans from 7FAMK (bootcut is back! hooray), now under $120, and a pretty off the shoulder shirtdress from Theory, now just $90. 

Today I’m reviewing a new addition to my closet – the Hermes Constance bag.

The Constance is a bag that I have been looking to add to my closet for the longest time. For more than three years I’ve been looking for the perfect one – there have been a few candidates, but nothing that I loved enough to take home. I was super picky with the requirements – I knew I wanted Epsom, because otherwise I would get tons of scratches all over due to the clasp, I knew I wanted black, so that I wouldn’t worry about it rubbing on dark jeans, and I knew I wanted the 24 size, so it could fit more. Actually originally I wanted the Elan size, until a friend kindly modeled it for me and then I realized it would be too long.

Then, Hermes started coming out with rose gold hardware on the Constance so I knew I wanted that as well. This was a combination that I might have a passing chance at, if I placed an order long in advance and begged extra hard, at my “local” store, but as my local store is actually overseas and I’m basically chained to my home until elementary school, I knew it would be an impossible mission. Until I mentioned, in passing, my long unrequited Constance dreams to a dear and wonderful friend. This friend, who wished to remain anonymous, I can only describe as someone who would be listed on Hermes customer profiles as “valued client” whereas I remain somewhere around or below “peon”. And somehow, she made magic happen.

Yes my perfect Constance bag – black Epsom, 24cm size, rose gold hardware. Yay!! Continue Reading

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