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Closet Care: Storing Your Bags

A reader question I receive from time to time is one around storing bags. How many of us have a cherished designer bag in our wardrobe that we’ve had for years – that at some point we discovered was sagging, or misshappen? I had this happen to me a few years ago with a lambskin Chanel flap which over time, developed folds at its base. I had it displayed for years standing up on the top row of my shelf, so I could admire it (of course!).

I personally don’t mind sagging in bags and creases, folds, are all part of using your items. I do however try to take good care of my things, and have developed a few habits over time for my bags. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks!

1. Use a “shaper” in your large tote bags and other bags that require some added stiffness. No matter what you do, some bags will just sag and puddle over time. It’s a byproduct of their construction and material. I personally often find this a feature, not a negative – a big smooshy pile of high quality of leather is a luxury in itself. But sometimes, a bit more structure is nice.

Garden Party Insert

Enter the idea of a bag “shaper”. I had first heard of this concept when I was searching for options for my Hermes Garden Party, since after a few months of ownership mine had begun to lose its shape. Since I meant for the bag to sometimes double as a work tote, holding stiff papers, I wanted it to retain its shape. I was recommended the Etsy shop Divide and Conquer, and was able to order a stiff bag shaper customized exactly for my Garden Party. I love it! It even has a plastic base, so super easy to wipe off spills. Continue Reading