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A Few More Shoes

Today I’m sharing a few shoes I recently added which I’d recommend.

First up: the Gucci Brixton Loafer, $630. I’d received a few requests to review my Gucci loafers, so here they are! I’d gone through a few different pairs of Gucci loafers before settling on the Brixton style, which I found the best fit for my foot. I also love the flexible back, which means you can push the heel down, and make them more of a mule. I usually don’t wear them like this, but sometimes if I’m lazy and sitting somewhere for a while, I’ll wear them more of the slipper/mule style.

The leather of these loafers is super soft…I can’t imagine anyone not finding them comfortable. I’d also note that the vamp is quite long. If you have high arches you might have difficulty getting your foot in at first, but luckily the soft leather makes it easier, and after a while its as natural as any other shoe. Highly recommended (and this style comes in lots of fun colors as well, which is a bonus).

Also note that I originally purchased this pair from Net-A-Porter, which are quite similar in look and style, however the leather was more stiff and due to the long vamp, I found them difficult to slide on quickly. I also found that they ran about 1/4th a size larger than the Brixtons, or very similarly to my Marmont pumps.  They are a more “sturdy” leather however, less supple than the soft lamb of the Brixton, and probably less prone to stretching as well. Continue Reading