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The Goyard Anjou Bag

Today, I wanted to share a new bag I recently added to which I’ve already been getting good use out of – the Goyard Anjou tote. I’d been eyeing the Anjou since it came out last winter, and loved the concept – the same size and dimensions as the classic Goyard St. Louis tote, but entirely leather lined, making it not only more sturdy…but (…..drumroll….) also reversible!


I was torn over what color to choose for the Anjou – I couldn’t decide between the green, red, and navy. So naturally I copped out once I had to make a decision and got the black (who else can relate?) in the PM size. It also drives me crazy that Goyard charges 30% more for colors than it does for black. I’ve never heard a logical explanation for this. So the black was the economical choice as well, though something tells me I might be adding a color down the line anyway. Sigh.

Goyard Anjou PM

As those who are familiar with Goyard know, there are two standard black configurations – solid black, and black with tan. I chose the black with tan for the Anjou – I liked the visible contrast leather piping along the sides, and the tan leather makes it versatile for spring/summer. Continue Reading


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