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The Globe-Trotter

I love travel, and over the years I’ve had a little obsession over finding the perfect luggage. I’ve tried a lot of brands and have different types of all kinds of travel occasions, but it’s always been a dream that one day I would have a tower of Globe-Trotter luggage, in all sorts of different color and hardware combinations. I received my second piece of Globe-Trotter this week and so thought it’d be a good time to share with you my little collection. Also for those of you new to the brand I’d highly recommend you check out the Globe-Trotter site where you can also view a very cool video showing how these trolleys are hand made.

I bought my new red Centenary model from the very kind Nick of Bespoke England. Bespoke ships VAT free around the world and they have the best customer service ever – Nick was kind enough to order me this model made directly from the Globe-Trotter factory as they didn’t have it in stock. I would highly recommend Bespoke and especially Nick – you can tell him hello from me!

My new Centenary is the 21” size which is good for carry on on most airlines – you can see it here with it’s big sister, the 30” suitcase. This was a special edition, from a first glance you can see that there are red flowers lining the case..

And if you take a closer look, the flowers are made out of mary jane heels! How sweet is that?

A close up of the shiny hardware on the locks.

And finally, my little Globe-Trotter collection. I can’t wait to use them while traveling and beat them up a bit! I hope to have a full tower one day.