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Holiday Gifts 2013

Last year I shared some of my favorite gifts, and my original goal was to do the same exactly one year later (I’m a few days late…). Here are some of the gifts I’ve found this year, for both myself and others! I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to reading about your favorite gift suggestions as well.

1. My first pick is one that in my opinion, every gift and paper lover needs –  cards! I love writing cards and I have to admit that one of my favorite things about the holidays is finding cool new paper cards. Here are two of my favorites this year – Pantone Notes and Lucky Cat.

Cat Pantone Cards

Until very recently I used to work with an all creative team, composed of graphic designers, writers, and video producers. We talked about Pantone all the time and so I thought that these cards would be perfect for my old coworkers and all of the other creatives in my life!

Okay…how neat are these “Lucky Cat” notecards? I love that the set comes with both a large and smaller size cat…and yes…the are flat, but then you can stand them up! These are so cool and I think I would expect anybody who received this card from me to display it proudly on their desk!

2. My second pick is one that annoyingly enough, keeps going in and out of stock – this fantastic lip kit from NARS’ Guy Bourdin collection. It comes already wrapped in a gift box.

NARS Guy Bourdin

But the best part is of course inside – this awesome “lip” case, with four lip products inside! I honestly bought this kit just for the big plastic lips alone – I thought that it would look great on a vanity, or on a dresser to hold jewelry.

NARS Guy Bourdin 2

The lip colors are all quite classic and easy to wear as well.

NARS Guy Bourdin 3

I’ve been a little frustrated because this kit was in stock, then out of stock, then back in stock (when I snapped it up), then it went back out. If you really need to find this kit, I’d suggest checking Nordstrom and Bloomingdales periodically online, as well as in stores.

I also really like the Guy Bourdin eye, check, and lip palette, which seems to be more readily available.

3. I wrote earlier about my quest for the perfect parka (and actually, I think a warm parka would be a pretty cool item to give and receive as well).

But on the topic of staying warm…I also wanted to share my current slippers, from Minnetonka. I love these and think they are the perfect gift – I actually already ordered another pair for a friend. They are super warm, fuzzy, stylish, and have a rubber sole so you don’t slip while running around the house.

Plus a great price (under $40), and lots of colors! A perfect gift.

Minnetonka Slippers

You can find four colors here, and the remaining two (including my tan one above), here.

4. Finally, I wanted to share that one of my favorite comics of all times, Calvin and Hobbes, now has its full compilation available in paperback format. I love Calvin and Hobbes and bought the original hardback compilation when it came out years ago. For me it was 100% worth it, though a little heavy. The paperback is cheaper and I also imagine quite a bit lighter. A classic series from a writer and illustrator I truly admire. A must have for any comic fan who doesn’t already own it!

And there we go…my holiday gift picks for 2013. I hope this was helpful for some of you, and as always, please share your favorite gifts for the season. I always love reading them!


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