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Weekend Update

1. Today I wanted to share the new item on my fall wish list – the perfect animal print pump.


Isn’t it perfect? The print isn’t cheesy, it’s a great tan color that’s dark enough to hide mild stains…and most importantly, the heel height is easy enough for work and longer events where you might have to spend more time standing than just the distance from the car to the door.

What isn’t so perfect? The price. When did heels get to be near $1,000 now? When simple pumps start breaking the four digit barrier…I’ll be paying more and more visits to the cobbler to extend the lives of my old pairs, for sure!

coach classic

2. I’ve been a fan of Coach for a long time – the brand has consistently come out with great, high quality leather accessories over the years and at a much more affordable price point than its competitors. The customer service I’ve encountered in Coach stores has always been great (and sadly sometimes much better than what you may find at Hermes or Louis Vuitton). That being said, there’s no denying that the brand has lost some mojo lately, and it recently announced the closure of 70 stores . I enjoyed reading this Fortune interview with Coach’s CEO Victor Luis, about the new direction for the company and how it plans to turn itself around.

3. I stopped posting outfit photos on Feather Factor awhile back (explanation: I lack courage to take them anywhere but inside and my place just isn’t big enough), but if you did like them, I’ve been trying to post more on my Instagram! Continue Reading