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Free People Embroidered Fable Dress


Wardrobe Staple: Comfortable Dresses

I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy now,  and I feel like my stomach has become exponentially bigger in the past month. I keep getting stuck between chairs and other furniture. While getting ready for work a few weeks ago, I realized that all my “big” dresses that I’d been saving to wear were now gaping at the buttons. While this was depressing news, I decided for my sanity and comfort that I would give myself an extra metal pregnancy allowance for my 25 item wardrobe challenge. It allowed me to quickly stock up on some new comfortable pieces.

I’ve found that I personally like looser versus tighter items for “maternity” wear, and found some great dresses that I think I’ll be using even after this period. I don’t think there’s anything that beats the right dress for comfort out there. And, just as a reference for other preggos looking for clothes, I have a 21 week bump in these pictures, and it fits with plenty of room under all of these dresses!

1. First up is this long sleeved Free People dress, which incidentally appears to qualify for Friends and Family at Bloomingdales in three colors – white, black, and fuchsia !

I bought this dress because it looked like a super easy piece that I could continue wearing after pregnancy at the beach, for an evening stroll in the summer, etc. I also loved that it comes in a bunch of great colors (though of course I ended up with black).  As a plus, this dress also comes with a full lining, which I don’t always to be the case with Free People (see my other review below).

Also, I’ll note that I could have easily taken an XS in this dress, but ended up with a Small because I wanted the extra length. I believe that this style runs very short…and maybe my bump took away some material, too!

2. Next up is Anthropologie’s Paned Cocoon Dress. This dress is uber comfortable, and fully lined as well. It’s actually quite warm, so I wear it on days where the weather is closer to 70 degrees versus higher. Continue Reading