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Fun with Fendi – The Strap You

I recently bought this beautiful floral Fendi Strap from the “Strap You” line (tan still available here – act fast if you’re interested), and it’s been one of my favorite spring purchases. When I first saw these straps, I have to admit that I never thought I’d be buying one – they’re quite expensive! When my friend got one, I admired it quite a bit, but the clincher was hearing that the wide strap was light and comfortable. Poof – I was done. Take my money, Fendi!

Most of the Fendi “Strap You” line is reversible, and on the plain calfskin versions (like this great blue/red one), I think you can totally take advantage of both sides equally. The floral one I have is also reversible in theory, but its clearly meant to be used flower side out.

Bolide Fendi Strap Close Up

I love my Hermes bags, but to be honest I don’t always love the straps. The Bolide and Kelly – two of my favorite bags – both have straps that I sometimes wish were a little wider (for comfort) and shorter (because duh, I’m short). The Fendi “Strap You” straps however, are perfect as shoulder straps. They run about 35 inches total, or about 15 inches as a drop from the shoulder. The straps are all quite light too, even on embellished versions like mine.

My Black Bolide is quite a serious bag – and at first I didn’t know if the bright florals would go with the bag. But it did, and makes the bag so fun! I’d been having some trouble using this Bolide in warm weather since its such a dark, heavy looking bag – but the strap lightens it right up. Continue Reading


Weekend Update

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