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Life With Baby – Six Months

I last checked in on how life was going, post baby, about five months ago. Since its been about six months now since baby Feather’s arrival, I thought I’d do another update on life with baby. Thank you all by the way, for your feedback and words of encouragement! It’s been wonderful to read about all of your experiences and thoughts on children. Please keep commenting and sharing!

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1. We moved. I had always planned to spend our first few years with baby Feather in our condo – yes things would be cramped, but a smaller space would make us rationalize our items and we would have made it work. As things turned out however, Mr. Feather and I ended up randomly finding a home we both liked (quite rare, as our tastes are quite different), and decided to make a move.

We probably had the worst timing ever in terms of having a baby and moving – we ended up closing escrow just a few weeks after baby Feather’s arrival, and almost missed our deadline due to the craziness. Compound that with a small remodeling project (do any remodels ever feel small?) and multiple moves, and it was a super stressful past six months. But now, things finally feel like they’re settling down, though we still have some empty rooms in need of furniture.

2. I’m back to my pre-baby weight (I hit it around 2 months postpartum) but my body is completely different. There’s been what I would call a “redistribution” if you will…and it it’s not how I would have chosen to allocate things, if you get my drift! I mention this because I had no idea that my body would change in this way – I thought that once I got back to my original weight, things would be back to “normal”. But now, there’s a new normal. Continue Reading


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