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Fall/Winter Sale Update: 2015

Holiday sales have come, and well…are still going it seems, but I’m pretty sure I’ve indulged enough for the season. Here are some of the items I ended up picking up, both keepers and returns.

Stella Dress

1. Stella McCartney dress, 70% off. Stella makes a version of this classic crewneck dress each season, and though I’ve eyed it many a time, I never tried it on as I generally gravitate towards v-necks. I saw the always stylish Alice wearing the newest spring season version (so pretty!) of it though, and thought it looked great. So when I saw this blossom print pop at at Saks, I ordered (successfully after my 5th attempt or so…what’s with Saks’ buggy website)? Anyway, I love the print – it reminds me a bit of comic books. And it’s quite comfortable as well, thanks to the elastic waist.

Status – keeping


2. Erdem Kenya printed dress, 60% off. I thought I would definitely end up keeping this dress, since I love the other Erdem dress that I own. When I pulled it out, I immediately fell in love with the print and the weight of the fabric. But when I put it on, a clear problem emerged – yup, I could not zip it all the way up! I bought my normal size (UK 6), but I guess I needed one bigger. The problem is, the rest of the dress seemed to fit…going bigger may have been too big. And in the meantime, UK 8 sold out anyway. Continue Reading