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Weekend Update

Thank you all for the kind comments and emails after my last three year anniversary post. I very much appreciate them and loved reading each and every one! Here is my weekend update, with what I’ve been reading and enjoying this last week.

1. First up – a pair of Blahnik sandals that I’ve been mulling over as my one expensive summer sandal purchase for the year. What do we think? It looks comfortable but I’m a bit worried that it will cut off the leg. I do think that this would look phenomenal on the more blessed in the gams department out there.


Manolo Blahnik,$825,  via Nordstrom

By the way – when did shoes get so expensive? I’m not too sure I understand why this sandal is almost $300 more than a similar simple black Manolo pump.  

 2. In Wednesday’s anniversary post, I mentioned that I do receive emails from time to time, asking for advice on blogging. For those who are trying to blog and/or anyone else who is struggling through the creative process, I love this little snippet from the fabulous Ira Glass of This American Life. I am not a regular NPR listener (I prefer hip hop and teeny bopper music during my drives, feel free to sneer) and never even heard of Ira Glass until I was forced to watch him do a speech in person while at Berkeley in order to receive full class credit. I’ve followed him and his show ever since. Continue Reading