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Bangkok: Emirates and the Grand Palace

Our last day in morning in Hong Kong, we hopped into the car and headed off to the airport to go to Bangkok. The Peninsula HK is famous for their collection of green Rolls Royce Phantoms and they have tons of space in the back. I always felt like Mr. Monopoly when we rode in them.

In about half an hour, we arrived at the Hong Kong airport. Although I like to travel, I’m not that particular about airplanes and airlines and am the kind of person who you’d probably find sitting in cargo if that meant that I could save the most amount of money to use at duty free. Mr. Feather really loves airplanes however, so we decided to use the relatively short connection to and from Bangkok (~3 hours each way) to try out the infamous Emirates first class. It’s what the ladies flew in Sex and the City 2 (worst movie ever) and would probably be some ungodly price to try out for a longer haul flight. Anyway, I thought the plane was awesome, but a little excessive. Details below:

The seats were these little self contained “suites” – each with closing doors. To the left were some drinks that rose up with a button. Mr. Feather took a photo of me sleeping. I am sadly never an attractive sleeper but luckily for all of you I hadn’t yet reached my peak open mouthed, slackjawed drooling sleep position yet. Oh and as you can see, everything was detailed in gold. Gold gold gold.

Since I had already seen photos of the plane suite, I thought it was cool but wasn’t all that surprised. What did wow me however, were the bathrooms. As a certified germaphobe who also dislikes small cramped spaces, plane bathrooms are one of my #1 feared places. But the Emirates bathroom was spacious and clean (with a waterfall in the middle):

There was an ironing board on the other side of the wall..lighted mirrors…and two kinds of amenities for the SHOWER. A shower! With a hair dryer and everything. Amazing but since there are only two bathrooms in first class, I think I might feel bad taking up one of these for so long. But a cool option.

There was also a bar on board, with sitting area at the bar and lounge space around it. The bar continually had plates of sandwiches and desserts, as well as a bartender serving drinks.

The drink list was also really impressive.

Overall I really enjoyed our experience on Emirates but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t fly first class again given other comparable options. While some the amenities and certainly the bar/bathroom were really cool, the service wasn’t as good as on a typical Asian airline. Emirates business/economy options are much better values for the money.

Emirates gives the impression of the average first class flier being some kind of super duper VVVIP used to all kinds of luxury – and that’s definitely true some of the time. Most of the time though, I suspect the average flier is just a random peon like me, flying for a lark and getting drunk off of the booze while taking a bunch of photos. As a result, the suites were already getting to look a little aged and dodgy after lots and lots of manhandling and drunk cavorting, and mine even had stains on the walls on the return flight (I hope it was just alcohol).

Anyway! We landed and headed over to our hotel (I’ll cover that in the next segment). For now though, I wanted to share with you some images from one of the most fantasic sites I’ve personally seen – the Grand Palace in Bangkok:

The Grand Palace was just breathtaking and everywhere you looked were beautiful displays of color, architecture and artwork. So amazing to see the amount of detail and care put into each structure and a must see for everybody, not just those who happen to visit Bangkok. I’d love to go back one day.

Finally, I will leave you all with a preview of my next segment on Bangkok! I loved all the local food (so good) and riding around on the water taxis. That is, until my local Thai friend decided to share some terrifying tales about the canal water – more on that later. Can’t wait to share more with you all and thank you for reading!