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Interview with Elyse Walker

Today’s interview is with Elyse Walker – owner and founder of the fantastic store (which I’m sure many of you have visited, either in person or online) – Elyse Walker. I am a huge fan of Elyse’s store, and have always been able to find unique items that never would have crossed by path otherwise. I was very happy to have the opportunity to interview Elyse, and ask her some more questions about her store, favorite items, and style advice learned over the years. Enjoy meeting Elyse!

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via Jana Williams Photography

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I’m Elyse Walker – a boutique owner, stylist, buyer and shoe designer and I live in Venice, CA

You have a very cool job and fly all over the world to buy for your store. What are the best parts of this process…and maybe some of the worst? 

The best part is that I communicate with my clients 24/7 and send them pictures right from the runway and get their feedback – know what they like. Some of my clients have become my friends for life – I’m lucky.

The worst part of the process is jet lag!

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Inside Elyse Walker in Pacific Palisades, via Jana Williams Photography

Any funny stories that you can share?

Funny story… we were checking in to the W Hotel and the doorman (in a Brooklyn accent) asked me where my daughter was… well, it wasn’t my daughter, it was one of my buyers!  I’m not even sure that I am old enough to be her mother…and I only have sons!

What are some of the favorite items in your shop right now?

Rag and Bone Sheffield denim, Enza Costa ribbed tank tops, BSable high low sweatshirts (no one buys just one), Jean Paul Gaultier architectural blazer, Givenchy sweaters, and Valentino biker boots…AND of course the espadrilles from my new line, Elyse Walker Los Angeles.

What about some of your favorite items of all item? Do you buy multiples?

I always buy multiples of the same item! I am a firm believer in buying what fits well.  If I like a blazer and it fits me well I get it in every color- and I wear it.  Same with bags…I will have a bag in every color. For ex: when Balenciaga made the tote in python I bought it in all 3 colors (every color they made it in).


via The Coveteur

What’s a piece of advice about style and building the perfect closet that you can share?

Trends are just suggestions. Don’t buy into a trend that doesn’t call your name or that isn’t flattering – let it go – another one is right around the corner.  Because of that, I have pieces that have been in my closet for years. They may have been trendy at one time but they are classic.

Walker's own beautiful closet, via The Coveteur

Walker’s own beautiful closet, via The Coveteur

Many of the items in your shop are beautiful designer pieces, with a luxury price tag. What would your advice be for someone just starting out…with a smaller budget? Where should they “invest” their money, where should they skimp?

We have a casual store and the great thing about the casuals is that we also have all of the knowledge of what is coming into the designer store. For example, Helmut Lang, IRO and Theyskens Theory –  they do a great job of following the couture trends and sometimes they are more affordable and wearable than the high, high end. Continue Reading