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Interview with Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie

Today’s interview is with Roxy – tech executive and blogger extraordinaire at Effortless Anthropologie. Even though I’ve been quite a fan of Anthropologie for a while, it’s a store that I rarely go into these days because a) the selection and choices can be overwhelming and b) I only justify buying a certain number of whimsical doorknobs…which at this point I suspect may exceed the actual number of doors in my apartment.

That’s why I adore Roxy’s blog, which I catch up with almost daily in my reader. Roxy is of course a huge fan of Anthropologie, and her site often has the latest and greatest new items and sale updates. On top of all of this, Roxy covers the business of the brand as well – customer service, logistics, pricing and even the quarterly earnings call. Her passion is rooted both in an appreciation of style and of business fundamentals – so I was excited to interview her today. Enjoy meeting Roxy!

Lovely Roxy

Lovely Roxy

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

Online I go by Roxy, which is a nickname I’ve had since college. I do a lot of things but if you’re reading this you probably know me for my two blogs, Effortless Anthropologie and (the woefully under-updated) Parallel Universes Resolution Tumblr. In the real world I’m currently on a break from work in the internet/tech industry while I recharge my batteries.

I live in New York City! And because I’m totally biased I can tell you that it’s the best city in the world. Continue Reading