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As soon as I get home each day from work (assuming I have no other outside plans for the night), I go straight to my room and change into pajamas. For some reason, while I am perfectly comfortable in my clothes when out and about during the day, as soon as I get home those very same jeans and dresses start to feel unbearably uncomfortable lounging on the couch. My penchant for sloppy dressing may come from my dad, who earned some level of infamy when I was younger for often dropping me off at school wearing an oversized rainbow striped robe with purple sweatpants underneath.

Anyway, my pajama habit meant that for the majority of our waking hours at home, I was clad in a variation of the same outfit, day in and day out – one of my husband’s oversized college t-shirts, paired with a pair of J.Crew gingham shorts. One of the most comfortable pairings out there, but perhaps not one of the most flattering or appealing. I decided finally to get my act together and find a pair of pajamas less likely to scare room service and the occasional UPS man – and after some searching, found an adorable set by Eberjey.

Eberjey Gisele


Eberjey Pajama Set  (in a multitude of colors, here)


After a week of wearing these, I have to say – I love them! They are just as comfortable as my oversized tees, but way more presentable. I also like that they are short sleeved, with shorts. I love the traditional long pajama sets, but the pants are always way too long for me (and hemming them always gets rid of some cool detail) and for some reason I’ve never been able to sleep in long sleeves. Though if you are interested in a long sleeved/pants version, Ebejey has a version here.

In retrospect I wish I had taken the pajama plunge a lot earlier.  I don’t blink at spending quite a bit more for “work” or “party” clothes that I wear a few times a month, if that – so for something that I wear for hours almost every day, I think these pajamas are a truly worthwhile purchase. It still makes me happy to put them on each day!

What are your favorite clothes to sleep and lounge in?