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How To Buy Herve Leger


I am a big fan of Herve Leger. The brand gets a lot of heat for being unoriginal (well really, how much can you do with a bandage dress theme, over and over?) and for not being fashion forward. Herve Leger is not the brand I choose for a fashion crowd but more frequently or not, it is maker of the go to dress for man pleasing. Some thoughts for Herve Leger below:

1. As stated above, these dresses will make your boyfriend/husband happier than the cape like Dries/Margiela piece you just bought and spent $2k (on sale) for which features awesome bat wings. That being said, a pro is also a con. This last weekend in Las Vegas I saw more porn stars gathered in the Herve Leger store than anywhere else but the AVN convention. (The second most popular gathering spot was actually Louboutin, but I don’t want to think about that right now). Being told that the dress you’re looking for was just sold to one of the Kardashian sisters is equally distressing. I have nothing against porn stars or the Kardashian sisters – however those ladies have already been blessed either naturally or artificially by the gods above…and I really don’t need to have a direct comparison made…!

2. Sales. Except for the classic black (and not even), most Herve Leger dresses will go on sale. I haven’t bought a dress which wasn’t at least 40% and even better, 60% off for a long time. The entire store will have 10-15% sales as well so please wait before you buy. Even for the black ones. Even if sales associate tells you it will never go on sale (it will). If you don’t live near a store contact me and I will find you a good sales associate who will send you photos and mail you a dress.

3. In the pursuit of an excellently priced dress, some may turn to eBay. I am just as big of a fan of eBay as the next person but there are lots of Herve fakes on the site. Make sure to check that it is authentic. And just a quick note that despite their high price tag, real Herve dresses are made in China, too. So be careful!

4. My final tip to you is on sizing. The reason for many to buy an Herve dress over cheaper knockoffs from bebe/Cache and the like is that the Herves are high quality: aka, the bandages will actually work to shape your body in a flattering shape rather than emphasize and even add multiple rows of muffin tops to your torso. To that end the sales associates will often encourage you to get as small a size as possible. The smaller the size, the more magical the “sucking in” power is. However, also the more uncomfortable (for me personally at least). I like to wear comfortable clothes as much as possible, and accordingly take a size above what the sales associates recommend. Everything is still very tight and I still have to suck in when wearing an Herve and downing a pizza, so we think it works out fine. Also, if you buy too tight of a size, you won’t be able to wear any underwear. Which, depending on your situation, is either a plus or minus.


Enjoy, everybody!