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Weekend Update

Here are some items and reading of note that I’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks.

1. First up is fabulous cardigan from one of my past interviewees, the lovely Wei! I was thrilled to hear Wei’s news that she finally started her own line, YLIN. She was kind enough to send me one of her cardigans to try out and I loved it – it’s a super soft cashmere with a lovely surprise detail – bows down the back!

YLIN Cardigan

I’ve worn this cardigan to work and received quite a few compliments. The bows keep their shape nicely. I love wearing it with the sleeves rolled up a bit.

YLin Cardigan Bows

Wei sent me a size XS and I love that it isn’t too tight – a comfortable, easy fit. You can find it here: YLIN bow cardigan.

2. I have mentioned a few times that I’m a bit paranoid about retirement savings – I found this article via CNN to be very interesting with some good high level advice. It also includes one of those handy retirement calculators that I always like to use to punch numbers into and horrify myself.

3. My favorite new candle scent for winter: Santal by Diptyque. Mr. Feather actually is the one who picked this out, and when I went back for my second helping of this scent, the salesperson mentioned that a few years ago sales all of a sudden went up of Santal because some “big Hollywood” person said they stockpiled the scent. Being the curious Googler I was, I finally figured out that it was Brian Grazer (the rest is a quick and interesting read, via the WSJ).

I also love this great set of ten Diptyque minis – a fabulous gift!

4. I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading and recently finished Double Down – a super interesting and honestly quite gossipy read about the 2012 presidential elections. I was a fan of the writing duo’s previous work, Game Change, about the 2008 elections (you may have also seen the HBO movie). I’m someone with only a passing interest in politics, and still found both books incredibly fascinating (and now look at cable TV news in a whole new light!).


via NYTimes


Please feel free to share anything of note that you’ve been enjoying lately as well. Have a wonderful weekend!