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Weekend Update

1. Nordstroms’ Anniversary Sale went public today, and by now I’m sure you’ve read a ton of recommendations online and heard from others in person about the best items (you can find my Early Access post, here). Along with all the flashier goodies, I took the opportunity to add a few more items this morning which I always add each sale – pajamas!

Anniversary Pajama

(left to right) Carole Hoffman set/$49, Josie Happi Robe/$45, PJ Salvage set/$59


I always try to refresh my PJs each year, which I think is perfectly reasonable since I wear them so often. This time, I picked up three sets.

On the very left is a black jersey set by Carole Hoffman ($49) – these are fairly unexciting but I will share my secret that they are my favorite for changing into on planes! Discreet and I don’t feel embarrassed if I’m traveling with a coworker. In the middle is a classic Josie “Happi” robe ($45) – I’m a sucker for kimono type items and this is one of my favorite light robes for summer. Great as an outer layer over flimsier pajamas and also as a coverup by the pool. And finally to the right is a sweet little PJ Salvage set ($59) which I bought to try out as I love the back detailing of the top!

I also bought a pair of TOMS sneakers which look a little sturdier than their normal offerings, in a nice textured boucle – one of the nicest materials I’ve seen from the brand, in my opinion.


2. Did you know that J.Crew is planning on launching a lower priced brand – J.Crew Mercantile? I had no idea until I read this article, via Business Insider. I don’t quite get the difference between this one, and J.Crew Factory (I guess Mercantile will be in malls…). Do you agree with the articles negative tone? I’m willing to give J.Crew a chance…but the concept is sounding a bit muddled to me. Continue Reading