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July Discoveries

Here are some new favorites of mine that I’ve discovered in the past few months (but for the purposes of convenience, have labeled as July….). First up – food of course!


Niederegger marzipan. I have never been a fan of marzipan…until I tried the variety made by the fantastic Niederegger, one of the most famous and oldest (since 1806!) marizpan makers in Germany. Their marzipan is not too sweet, very almondy, and features awesome flavors like pineapple, cherry, mocha and more. I’m now actually quite obsessed with Niederegger and the sad thing is, I cannot find it here in the US! So please if you are lucky enough to be passing through Germany or somewhere else that has this wonderful marzipan, please pick some up for yourself! You won’t be sorry.

Jo Malone Lip Balm

Jo Malone lip balm. This tube was a gift from a friend (hi L!) and the moment I put it on I thought it was one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used (and I’m quite an addict). It smells amazing and feels wonderful on. The only thing not so wonderful is the steep price ($25). I’m not happy about the cost though in all honesty I’ll probably buy another tube when my current one runs out. It’s a small luxury that I use all the time. Continue Reading

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May Discoveries

Since I spend many of my non work related working hours puttering around, finding books to read on Amazon and trawling around for trinkets to buy, I often come across some excellent little items that I want to share.…