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Weekend Update

1. I read this article a few weeks about designers trying to make jumpsuits the next “thing,” via the WSJ, and found it very interesting (unfortunately the link I pasted takes you to a Google search – then just click on one of the top 2-3 links and it will take you to the article. I’m a cheater, I know). I found the article very interesting not just from a fashion, but also from a business perspective, especially seeing the coordination between retailers and designers in trying to make the jumpsuit accessible to all types of shapes, sizes, and budgets

via WSJ

via WSJ

2. Well, speaking of jumpsuits…the article made me want to try one out! And really, I never ever thought I would be a jumpsuit person. I had a hard time shopping for one – I don’t think I’ll be wearing one to a formal event anytime soon, and a main consideration is that my coworkers don’t make fun of me wearing it. So, here are the two that have made my consideration list.

The left short sleeved version from J.Crew is one that I’d think about for work – good with heels, looks like a nice material, and pretty sleek and sophisticated. The right version from Splendid I found actually in the sleepwear section while I was looking for pajamas (don’t judge), but I love how it looks and it has great reviews from people who have even worn it…outside! So I’ve included it. You notice that both have that nice elastic waistband that would probably make things easier for a petite like myself and hide a multitude of sins. So. Continue Reading